The Teacher in Teaching

The Teacher in Teaching - Course Info

Aware that many of our students prefer a face to face experience in their learning, I am considering designing a 3-credit course that I plan to teach sometime this Fall

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Some facts about course I’m considering: 

• The course will be titled, The Teacher in Teaching and it will be a summary of the areas of personal growth and struggle that have surfaced from my students over the 20+ years I have been teaching our courses in personal development. For the thousands of you who have taken one of my courses, you will be familiar with many of the topic areas including but not limited to: 



Emotional Scars & Pain - The toll we pay 

My Reaction, My Choice - Feelings & Actions

The Ego 

Our Thoughts 

Maps in our lives - The good, the bad, and the "useless" 

Pleasing Personality - How Likable Are You?

Facing My Struggles

What I Get (Personal Responsibly) 


Finding Peace

Sharpening The Saw 

• Three graduate credits will be issued by Seattle Pacific University

• The course will be four weeks long and on the online format. However, since it is only four weeks of online interaction, we will have one,  perhaps two,one-day class meetings. Should there be two meetings, the first one would be near the beginning of the course and one near the end. The time each meeting would be 8:30 am to 1:00 pm.

• The biggest factor in whether or not I offer this course is  student interest.  So, it is very important that you email me ( if you are at all interested in an on ground class like this. Enough interest will energize me to proceed with the course. Indicating an interest is not the same as enrolling in the class, just an idea of whether or not to continue designing the class.

  I will announce exact dates and locations if and when the course takes off. I will hold the face-to-face sessions in more than one location if the numbers warrant it.

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Apple For The Teacher

I plan to teach this class in a blended format (on ground/online). 

             Craig Schmidt