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Student Evaluations/Reviews/Thoughts

Of course, not everybody feels the same about our courses at Personal Improvement Institute. However, we have chosen a few sample student reviews and they were chosen because they represent what we are trying to share or present to our students. These comments indicate that we have met our major goal in servicing our students, Personal Improvement

“It was refreshing to take such a practical course that will help me both professionally and personally. Thank you again for such a wonderful experience. I look forward to taking more classes from you in the future.” 

Adriana, teacher, Farmington, MI

"I have to tell you something that happened today....I was telling the kids I was doing "HW" the night before, and they asked what I was doing. I told them about the affective domain classes. I said that in my class we are talking about how the students matter more than the information we teach. And one girl blurted out, and that is why we love you! :) This coursework has been good for the soul! And I thank YOU for the tireless comments you make. They are uplifting and you clearly get involved with what we are thinking. I appreciate how much you put into OUR growth as well."

Lydia, principal, Frankfort IL

“Taking classes through Personal Improvement Institute has been extremely rewarding and uplifting. The environment is extremely positive and energetic, and I leave each class with a new set of tools to be used in the classroom and everyday life.” 

Dan, teacher, Caledonia, MI 

“After 20 years of teaching, I am inspired by only a few people and you are one of them. I want you to know what a positive influence you and your classes have had on me.” 

Cathy, teacher, Kentwood, MI

I just want to make sure I am doing this correctly. Thank you for your help.
I also wanted to let you know that I am LOVING this class. I am sharing all that I am learning with my husband, sister, and my best friend. I may be driving them nuts. Lisa, you words have been of so much comfort to me and have changed the way I think both personally and professionally. I thank you for your work. You are doing such wonderfully things.
Sophia, Mom and teacher, Mokena IL

“I have taken several classes from Craig Schmidt and I hear his words about ‘choice’ every day and share them with my 560 K-8 students. His classes provide a unique opportunity to evaluate yourself for the benefit of others.” 

Boku, administrator, Lansing, MI

You have had a powerful influence on the way I view teaching and learning. You have helped me reprioritize my work with students so I stay focused on the truly important things in education.”

Jody, teacher, Mt. Pleasant MI