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NEW!!! Current Info - Latest Email about summer offerings March 20, 2020

NEW!!! Current Info - Latest Email about summer offerings March 20, 2020

NEW!!! Current Info - Latest Email about summer offerings March 20, 2020


Summer Schedule 


 FOR NOW: If you would like to enroll of one of these courses, simply email your interest to me -  I will put you on a list and update you with more certain enrollment information when it becomes available. 

Most recent email: 

Fellow Educator

Well, it seems that it’s “nuts” out there right now and I pray this will blow over with minimal damage. Despite the uncertainty of the school year, I thought it wise to communicate with those of us who are making our summer plans as if we will be back to normal by mid summer. 

That in mind and our summer schedule is coming into clearer focus and I can offer you what we have planned so far. Since our courses are mostly online, it is safe to say we can begin our summer offerings as follows. You will find the same information on our website and I encourage you to visit there as frequently as necessary.  

Summer offerings to date:

1. Course Title: The Heart of Teaching 

Totally online starts May 4 

2. Course Title: Humor In The Classroom

Totally online starts May 4

3. Course Title: The Teacher in Teaching 

At this time, this is my plan for teaching this summer.

• I will teach one course, The Teacher in Teaching (Seattle Pacific University EDCT 5779). It will be facilitated a blended format which means it will four weeks in duration in the online platform. Sometime in the last of the four weeks, each student must choose one of the locations/dates to attend a one-day on ground session.

• At this time, there is one section which will run if enough students enroll. Details are as follows: 

Session 1 June 1 – June 30

June 1 Online launch – Online site available for student interaction

June 1 – June 19 – Students progress with assignments, discussions, etc in online platform

June 22-24 – To complete the course, student must attend one of the following meetings:

Monday, June 22 – TBA - Illinois Tinley Park Region - Exact location TBA

Tuesday, June 23 – Available date if sufficient enrollment in a region

Wednesday June 24 – Available date if sufficient enrollment in a region

Thursday June 25 – TBA - Southwest Michigan Region - Exact location TBA

June 30 - Course end date.


There is a possibility emphasis, a possibility, we will offer the same schedule (session 2) of these classes beginning July 6, but we are not positive as Seattle Pacific has not yet approved it’s 2020-21 course offerings. Stay tuned to our website as we will keep updated information on the rest of the summer schedule there, also. if you have questions.

Beyond Summer

NEW!!! Current Info - Latest Email about summer offerings March 20, 2020

NEW!!! Current Info - Latest Email about summer offerings March 20, 2020


Due to some uncertain conditions at Seattle Pacific University, we are unable to offer a full pallet of classes at least starting the summer. 

In the future, we plan to offer the following classes:

• Humor In The Classroom

• The Teacher in Teaching

• The Heart of Teaching

• Dealing With Stress in Education (not yet available) 

• Emotional Intelligence - Understanding and Applying (not yet available) 

• The Human Component in Learning (not yet available) 

• Dynamics of Student Motivation (not yet available) 

• Differentiating For Individual Learning Styles (not yet available) 

• Coaches and Parents – Bridging the Gap (not yet available) 

Currently we are able to offer the first three classes listed above. We’re working on approval of the rest of them. You can find course descriptions at this link:   :

Course Descriptions

"Professional" Development

NEW!!! Current Info - Latest Email about summer offerings March 20, 2020

"Professional" Development


      Professional Development

   My goal is to increase my professional development activity in Southwest Michigan. 

  I just finished conducting a program of professional development in the Dowagiac Schools in Southwest Michigan. It was two sessions designed to affirm teachers and administrators by emphasizing to them the gravity of what they do for young people. We will also help them maintain optimism and enthusiasm as they "endure" some of the (often unreasonable) expectations of them. 

   I am flexible in design of professional development and will custom-tailor a program to meet your school need and can offer one-half, one, and two-day development programs. Our strategy is to improve education by "fortifying" teachers, restoring their belief in their purpose in education. 

   An added feature of our professional development is that we can offer the option of teachers and administrators to combine it with graduate credit. 

   Interested in professional development for your school? Email me - 

What Former Students Say

What Former Students Say

"Professional" Development


Our name is "Personal Improvement" and some sample comments from former students will validate our mission of your personal growth. For some sample comments, click here:  Student Reviews/Evals. 


What Former Students Say



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Email March 20, 2020

Colleague in Education I  don’t need to tell you that things in this world are changing hourly as  the global health picture appears dangerously fluid. This situation is  affecting things at the university level quite quickly, also.  Sooooo the email of March 18 that offered the option to enroll directly with Seattle Pacific University for the courses we listed. 

   At this time, DO NOT enroll  with the university. Instead, just email me to indicate your interest  in any of the three courses listed on our website set for this summer.  If and when the situation with SPU becomes “reliably stable” I will get  you enrollment information.  Sorry  for the inconvenience. At the moment, Someone or Something with a much  Higher Power than I has His/Her/Its "hand on the stick!” Need to be  patient as the plan unfolds.  Sincerity & Gratitude,Craig