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   I (Craig Schmidt) plan to teach one class, The Teacher in Teaching, in a blended (face to face/online) format this summer. email me if you have interest in this class, please email me. Details aren't worked out, yet. 


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 (Email 2/7/20)

Fellow Educator

   I am excited to announce that we are once again up and running with our course offerings from personal improvements to do. We are now partnering with Seattle Pacific University in Seattle Washington.

   I am going to try keeping my emails real simple.  If you are interested in our classes of professional development, you should go to our website,  where you will find current information on the classes we will be offering starting this summer. 

The classes are:

• The Teacher in Teaching

• The Heart of Teaching

• Dealing With Stress in Education

• Emotional Intelligence - Understanding and Applying

• The Human Component in Learning

• Dynamics of Student Motivation

•Differentiating For Individual Learning Styles

• Humor In The Classroom

You can find course descriptions and more detailed current information by going to the following links  :

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Again, I will try to move my communications with you from direct emails to your use of our website  Feel free to email me anytime

"Professional" Development


      Professional Development

   My goal is to increase my professional development activity in Southwest Michigan. 

  Currently, I am currently conducting a program of professional development in the Dowagiac Schools in Southwest Michigan. It is two sessions designed to affirm teachers and administrators by emphasizing to them the gravity of what they do for young people. We will also help them maintain optimism and enthusiasm as they "endure" some of the (often unreasonable) expectations of them. 

   I am flexible in design of professional development and will custom-tailor a program to meet your school need and can offer one-half, one, and two-day development programs. Our strategy is to improve education by "fortifying" teachers, restoring their belief in their purpose in education. 

   An added feature of our professional development is that we can offer the option of teachers and administrators to combine it with graduate credit. 

   Interested in professional development for your school? Email me - 

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