Frequently Asked Questions

 • How much is the tuition for a course?

   Currently, tuition is $525 for three graduate credits. Caution - I recently learned that SPU operates on quarters. This means that a 3 quarter credit course is equal to only 2 semester credits. 

Do these courses require great amounts of time/work (papers, research, etc.)

   No! Our instructors don’t believe in or care to dedicate their time to busy work and evaluating it. We have never received any complaints about the relative amount of work required of our students. 

If I enroll then change my mind, do I still have to pay?

   No! You can change your mind anytime prior to the course beginning without penalty

Are textbooks required?

   Some courses require textbooks all of which are very moderately priced. When we are fully operational, one book The Trouble With Good Advice Is That It Usually Interferes With My Plans by Craig Schmidt will be required. It, too, will be modestly priced and required for all of our course offerings.  

What if I can’t make one of the sessions or complete all of the assignments

   Our instructors are very understanding, flexible, and willing to work with unique student needs or handicaps that sometimes arise during the course

Does Seattle Pacific University meet the requirements for: my state certification, moving up on the pay scale, value to my teaching or personal life,  

   Yes, meets all of these requirements. SPU is a fully certified and accredited university of high stature. You can view their accreditation information here SPU Accreditation For your particular state teacher crediting/licensing requirements, you should visit your state department of education website. This link is to the Michigan Department of Education Teacher Certification Information