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Where Passion Meets Education

Where Passion Meets EducationWhere Passion Meets EducationWhere Passion Meets Education

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About Us


Personal Improvement

At Personal Improvement Institute, our goal is simple - to guide individuals through a personal growth and improvement experience. People will reach peak performance by concentrating on improving interpersonal skills. This begins with a sincere examination of one's own heart and is the best way to increase human capacity to serve others.


Dedicated Instructors

Our instructors are passionate about your growth. Each of them are selected based primarily on the satisfaction level they reach from helping you grow. You will discover this when you experience our course offerings. 


History and Mission of Personal Improvement Institute

             Personal Improvement Institute

    Personal Improvement Institute was founded in 1999 as I was nearing retirement from my work as a school administrator. I was looking to continue in the field by teaching. In my work as a director of personnel, I was convinced the only real means of improving education was by improving the people who worked with the children. At the same time, I was reading the works of Tom Peters (In Search Of Excellence) and picked up his concept of looking at oneself as a “Personal Corporation.” Consequently, in naming my business, I chose the name, Personal Corporation Institute. When applying for a business license, I learned the term “corporation” was unacceptable in naming the LLC I was forming. I substituted “improvement” for corporation and this proved fortunate as Personal Improvement Institute better communicated my mission in education. 

   The significance of our history is to help you understand our goal for your experience with us. While we plan to equip you with new information, our goal is to inspire you to grow. This is because of our founding belief that genuine improvement in education or anything else is based on individual growth – personal improvement

   Please know that at PII, we accept the challenge of personal growth since we believe it is the genuine means of improving any interpersonal endeavor. Most institutions shrink from this responsibility likely because personal growth is not measurable, - there are no quantitative standards, no rubric to gauge its value.

If the knowledge we provide you serves to inspire you to grow, we have accomplished our purpose. We encourage your questions and welcome your suggestions. Help us as we seek to help you grow.


                                                       Craig Schmidt